Top Window Film Choice For Your Home

For most residential homes that do not have air conditioning, a minimum TSER of approximately 65% is recommended.  It does offer a good value in heat rejection, UV protection and some privacy depending on some construction features. Our Dual Reflective product is built with the exterior view having a higher reflection rate than the interior view for maximum solar energy reflection. In comparison, the interior side has a much lower reflection rate to help minimize the mirror appearance from the interior.

Recommendations for our V28 on your house:

  • Bedroom windows facing the back of the house.
  • Home offices facing the back of the house.
  • Upper windows in great rooms.
  • Oddly shaped windows where custom coverings are required.

Privacy Benefits

When applied to your windows, this film will increase the privacy level of the rooms.  It’s not referred to as being a privacy film, but it does decrease the distance in which an individual can look through your windows during the daytime.

The film reduces the “fishbowl” feeling as individuals may only see as far as a couple of feet into the room.  Ideal for homeowners who like to lounge, eat or exercise near a window with the blinds open during the daylight hours.

Glare Reduction Benefits

During the summer months, the sun can linger in the evening and rise earlier in the morning. The V28 can help reduce the light coming in through your windows by approximately 60%, so it can help with sleeping.

During the day, it can help reduce the light to remove any glare from the bright sunlight; it’s like wearing a permanent pair of sunglasses.

Window FilmTotal Solar Energy RejectionShading CoefficientLight TransmissionGlare Reduction
Vista V28 Dual Reflective 64.413067