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U.V. Cured Printing with Mimaki

As with any industry, technology can increase the quality of production and reduce the cost of equipment. Printing equipment has advanced significantly in the last couple of decades. Machines that were once hundreds of thousands or tens of thousands of dollars and primarily used by large businesses are now available to smaller boutique businesses.

The durability of a printed graphic can vary dramatically depending on the type of printer and the media used. There are various types of ink in wide-format printing, including solvent, eco-solvent, latex, and u.v. There are benefits to all the different types of ink but the u.v. cured ink is best suited for the majority of the products we offer. Exterior use banners and corrugated signs, typically not laminated, can last longer using U.V. cured ink.


U.V. cured inks are generally more durable and can last longer in an outdoor environment. Instantly cured, each printed graphic is ready for use as there is no dry time or off-gassing to delay laminating prints if required.

White Ink

The ability to prink with white ink has been a considerable leap in wide-format printing as it allows for images on transparent media. Traditionally the CMYK inks needed to print on opaque white material preventing the ability to see through the graphic when installed onto windows. Now there is the ability to place the white base only on the areas that need to be opaque while leaving the areas where visibility is required clear.

Another benefit is altering the white’s density for a frosted appearance where the image can be visible for both sides of the media. This printing type is ideal for office window partitions where the graphic can be seen from both the office and corridor sides.

Good for the Environment

Mimaki inks have a very low VOC emission giving it the Greenguard Gold certification.

GREENGUARD is a program of the environmental certification on chemical emissions of indoor spaces by UL LLC of third-party institution of safety science of the United States.

Greenguard Certificatio
Image of UCJV 300 Printer
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