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Nano-Ceramic Technology

Ceramics has been in use since the beginning of mankind, including current benefits in race cars and Nasa to reduce the heat of extremely high temperatures. Eventually, research on this revolutionary material was born the first multi-layer Titaniun Nitride nano-ceramic film.

Originally developed in Germany in the late 1990’s by leading applied research organization Frauhofer-Gesellschalf, the researchers were able to patent the world’s first nano-ceramic film. From this patent, created Huper Optik window film company.

The Huper Optik Ceramic Series Benefits

  • 100% Dye and metal free
  • Sputtered Construction
  • No edge seal required
  • Titanium Nitride construction
Ceramic 35341599.4165%62%$$
Ceramic 45441299.4760%41%$$
Ceramic 6061999.7139%33%$$$

VLT  Visible Light Transmission

ULR  Visible Light Reflectance

UVR  Ultraviolet Ray Rejection

SC  Shading Coefficient

TSER  Total Solar Energy Rejection

GL Glare Reduction

*All values based on a single pane 3mm glass.  The values were based on the procedures from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).

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