Ask how window film can reduce your summer time energy costs.


Solar Film

Are you finding that your windows allow too much heat to pass through? Or does your air conditioning unit struggle to keep your home or office cool?  Easily installed and with no reoccurring costs, window film is a great choice rather than replacing your existing windows.  Let us show you how simple the process is.

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Frosted Film

Moving into a new office or just wanting to change the look of an existing space?  Decorative window film or wall graphic products from Tintsource can easily transform your place to just the way you want it.  With your imagination and our experience we can collaborate on a design that meets your budget.

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Safety and Security Film

Do you have an abundance of glass that may shatter from natural disasters or acts of violence?  Our safety and security film products can help retain shattered glass to prevent personal injury or slow down intruders from entering your premises.  The process is simple and we have a variety of thicknesses to customize your safety and security needs.reduction for interior office spaces, we have the solution.

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