V38 Window Film Spotlight

The V38 window film is a very versatile product, useful in residential and commercial applications depending on the needs.

The film has an exterior reflection that offers some privacy but doesn’t significantly alter the appearance of your building.  This film is ideal for strata buildings looking for a well-performing product at an affordable price.

Heat Rejection Benefits

This product works best in conjunction with buildings that have air conditioning systems.  The V38 window film can help balance the hot spots that tend to occur with inefficient airflow.  Only having the film installed onto the windows located in the hot spot areas doesn’t necessarily affect the look of the entire building.  The V38 windows film has been approved in many strata buildings as you may not notice the difference between the windows that have film and the windows that do not have window film.

If you have areas that do not have direct sunlight for long periods and do not have air conditioning, this product is helpful.  It can help reduce the heat for areas slightly yet maintain a suitable light level into the room.


This product is not a privacy film, but the slight exterior reflectivity is enough to make it a little difficult for individuals to see inward.  This feature is ideal for nooks, kitchens and great rooms to maintain the sunlight coming in and very little interior reflection to look outward.  The public can see inward but typically would have difficulty in making out specific individuals inside the room.

For a condominium application, this would be the ideal product for lower-floor units to achieve some privacy without affecting the overall appearance of the building.

Product Benefits

-Subtle reflective appearance.

-Budget-friendly cost.

-Very low interior reflection in comparison to standard reflective window film.

-Lifetime warranty on residential window film installations.

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