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Window Tint For Glare Reduction

Glare can be a source of discomfort for many individuals, especially during the bright summer months. There are a few categories of glare: discomforting glare, disabling glare, and blinding glare. Window tint can generally offer relief from discomforting glare.

Discomforting glare occurs with everyday bright light from the sun. Residential and commercial window tint can help reduce the light by 79%, while automotive window tint can reduce the light by 95%.

Glare Reduction on Devices

Using a reflective window tint will reduce the light dramatically but does not remove the appearance of the sun on a t.v. or computer monitor. In these circumstances, a combination of window film and window blinds would be the best option.

Frosted Window Tint For Glare Reduction

A heavy frost installed onto glass can disperse or scatter the light to remove the reflection of the actual sun on a tv or monitor. Generally, there will still be a significant amount of light as our darkest frost film only reduces the light by 40%.

V14 Dual Reflective11%88%$$
V28 Dual Reflective26%71%$$
Silver Reflective 2015%83%$
Silver Reflective 3528%69%$
Automotive Limo Tint5%94%$

VLT  Visible Light Transmission – Lower value indicates better glare reduction.

GL Glare Reduction – Higher value indicates better glare reduction.

*All values based on a single pane 3mm glass.  The values were based on the procedures from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).

The Best Option For A Commercial Building

The Vista V14 Dual Reflective Film or the Llumar Reflective Silver 20 are your two best options. They are two of the darkest film which can be installed onto a sealed unit because of their reflective nature. Because of the reflectivity, they also offer a high level of heat rejection and privacy.

The Best Option For Your Home

The Vista V28 Dual Reflective Film may not be the darkest tint, but it’s a good balance with light reduction without dramatically reducing the light. On very bright days, the use of blinds to help with a further light reduction will help with glare.

Why not the V14 or Reflective 20?
Since the brightest days are generally a few months out of the year, the stronger films will make the already darker winter and fall months even darker.

Can I use an automotive film for my house?

Automotive films are manufactured with a dye formulation, which can fade and even turn purple over time. Since they are black, they can also absorb a tremendous amount of heat and eventually damage the glass.

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Reflective Window Film

Reflective window film is great for heat rejection. However, there are differences in the various brands and product lines.
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Window Tint For Glare Reduction

Window tint can be used for glare reduction from the bright sun. Contact us for a free sample mailed to your home or office.
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Fade Protection

Residential window tint can offer great fade protection without the look of a dark or shiny window. Contact us for free samples.