Reflective Window Film

While all reflective window films can look the same, there are indeed differences in their construction and their appearance when you look closely.  There are many brands on the market that produce a reflective window film but very few brands that offer a variety of shades and reflection rates of window film.


One of the primary differences can be the adhesive types. PS pressure sensitive adhesives are less costly to produce than DA dry adhesive systems. Over the life of the two adhesives, the PS adhesive will typically distort sooner than the DA system. In fact, DA systems are known to last in excess of 25 years given that they are made from a top quality manufacturer.

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Interior Reflection

The traditional or generic silver window film will have a reflective or shiny appearance from the exterior with the same reflectivity on the interior side. The reflective nature offers the most efficient method of reflecting the sun’s energy; the drawback is that the similar interior reflection makes it difficult to view outward during an overcast day. The highly reflective nature creates a mirrored effect on the interior.

At Tintsource, we like to use our Dual Reflective window film where the exterior side has a reflective quality for maximum efficiency, however, the interior reflection is half the reflective nature of the traditional silver film, preventing or dramatically decreasing the mirrored effect on the inside.

Film TypeExterior ReflectionInterior ReflectiveTSERCost
Silver Reflective 20626280$
V14 Dual Reflective552480$$
Silver Reflective 35474770$
V28 Dual Reflectiive332164$$
Silver Reflective 50262553$
V38 Dual Reflective261757$$

*All values based on a single pane 3mm glass.  The values were based on the procedures from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).

Ultimate Heat Rejection Window Tint

Get the ultimate in heat rejection window film with a dual reflective tint.
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Reflective Window Film

Reflective window film is great for heat rejection. However, there are differences in the various brands and product lines.
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Window Tint For Glare Reduction

Window tint can be used for glare reduction from the bright sun. Contact us for a free sample mailed to your home or office.
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Fade Protection

Residential window tint can offer great fade protection without the look of a dark or shiny window. Contact us for free samples.