Understanding Adhesives

While all window film brands and types may look the same when installed, they are not all created equal.

There are two primary types of adhesives used with residential and commercial window film PS pressure sensitive adhesive and DA dry adhesive.  The primary difference is the tacky nature of the PS adhesive.  Constructed to form a mechanical bond to the glass, it can quickly adhere to the glass once the mounting solution is removed.  The pressure from the tool used to remove the solution helps in the adhesion process.

In contrast, the DA dry adhesive does not have a tacky nature. It forms a chemical bond to glass, with the cure time taking longer than the PS adhesives.  The DA adhesives can typically last considerably longer as well as have a much better optical clarity.

While both adhesives serve different applications well, PS adhesives are found in automotive window film, residential and commercial solar film, and security film.  The automotive application quickly bonds the film to curved surfaces, while a thicker PS adhesive can help adhere to the heavier and thicker security film.  Often you will find some of the higher quality solar films utilize a DA system.