V14 heat rejection film interior view

V14 Ultima the Ultimate Heat Rejection Film

Our V14 is the ultimate heat rejection film with the most daytime privacy.  Our dual reflective V14 window film can remove as much as 79% of the sun’s energy and prevent the public from seeing inside during the daytime.

Reflective Benefits for Heat Rejection

The reflective nature of the exterior reduces the heat from the sun; moreover, that reflective nature gives a mirrored effect, which provides privacy. Since the film reflects as much as 55% of the light, making it one of the best products for glare reduction.

Heat Rejection Window Film to Increase the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner

Many portable and central air conditioners may not always be able to keep up with the excess heat from your windows. Due to the high heat rejection from the V14 window film, the air conditioner will run more efficiently and lower your energy consumption during summer. Since your air conditioner will not operate at its highest setting, its life expectancy should increase as well as lower any maintenance time or cost of the air conditioner.

Window Tint for Privacy

This product offers the best one-way privacy of all our window film products. It is ideal for offices, warehouses, recreation facilities, and any areas that require daytime privacy with the ability to see outward.

Product Benefits

-High level of daytime privacy.

-Mid-range cost.

-Ultimate heat rejection film.

-Interior reflection is less than half of a traditional silver reflective film.

-Lifetime warranty on residential window film installations.