Fade Protection

A misconception is that just removing the UV rays will stop the fading of your furnishings and artwork. While it’s true that the ultraviolet rays from the sun cause most of the damage, the combined visible light and infrared heat from the sun cause more harm than just the ultraviolet rays.  A well balanced window film can help with fade protection, the window film should cut down the light, heat and u.v. rays.

Ultraviolet rays cause 40% of the damage, visible light causes 25%, heat causes 25%, and the balance 10% miscellaneous items.  To achieve the best protection, a product that reduces the heat and light passing through your windows.

All of our solar film products remove as much as 99.9% of the ultraviolet rays and have varying degrees of light and heat reduction.  The most popular product for fade protection is the V48 Nuance, it’s ideal when heat rejection is not a concern, and the ability to maintain as much light as possible is essential.

While the V48 is the best value when fade protection is your primary concern, it does not offer a good level of heat rejection so it is not recommended if you feel that heat is also an issue.  The next option would be the V51 Terre, it has a much lower solar coefficient and higher total solar energy rejection.

V38 Mirage3999.9.495769.50%$

V51 Terre5499.9.505765.75%$$
V48 Nuance4699.9.604765.25%$
Ceramic 606199.713959.50%$$

VLT  Visible Light Transmission

UVR  Ultraviolet Ray Rejection

SC  Shading Coefficient

TSER  Total Solar Energy Rejection

FP  Fade Protection

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Window Tint For Glare Reduction

Window tint can be used for glare reduction from the bright sun. Contact us for a free sample mailed to your home or office.
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Fade Protection

Residential window tint can offer great fade protection without the look of a dark or shiny window. Contact us for free samples.