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How To Measure Your Windows For Window Tint

Measuring your windows can be a simple process. A few guidelines on how to measure your windows with a good tape measure and unobstructed access to your glass can get accurate sizes.  It is important to measure all windows separately.  If there is an opening window next to a non-opening window, the opening window is often smaller than the non-opening window.

Metric or Imperial Window Measurements

We do our calculations based on square footage, but you can choose whichever is the most convenient. We can easily change metric dimensions to imperial.

What Not To Do When Measuring Your Windows

Do not measure the entire window frame. It can add several inches to an overall dimension, which would then require the use of a larger roll width of window tint. Do not round up the measurement size because it can also change the roll width of the material required.
Do not supply us with a total square footage. It doesn’t give us the ability to lot the glass size to a specific window film roll. We may need to add as much as a 25% cushion for waste in those cases.

How To Measure Curved or Triangular Windows

Measure the width of the entire glass and the height of the arch or triangle’s highest point.

How To Measure High Windows

The exact size is necessary but may not be feasible due to the height. The most important measurement would be the height of the bottom of the window to the floor. This size will determine the ladder or scaffold that is required.

For Quick and Accurate Quotes

Please include the following;

  1. Full name of quote/billing recipient
  2. Email address of quote/billing recipient
  3. Street address of the location
  4. Room or area name with the window sizes.
  5. Photo from the interior of each room or area.
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Office Frosting

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Reflective Window Film

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Window Tint For Glare Reduction

Window tint can be used for glare reduction from the bright sun. Contact us for a free sample mailed to your home or office.
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